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Hand poured scented wax melts


11 Princes Street Middlesbrough

About Little scented memories

I started making wax melts as a hobby just 6 months ago. Then for friends and family as they all fell in love


from there I had a little Facebook group that now has over 1400 people in it ..

Thinking this is NO LONGER a hobby I launched my web site just a few weeks ago 

and......Justin last month a signed up to a lil shop which I pick this weekend which is exciting and nail biting all at the same time



with the LAUNCH OF THE SHOP  of the boutique shop I will also start introducing a few bath goodies supplied only by ladies like me.


What am I a work from home mum who broke into a streak of luck I guess x   no to not quit and keep pusshing inwasrd and upawrds



im allways willing to try new things eet with new mould creators ,creator of scent and even packaging