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About Saffron Grove

It all started when I was given an old, hand turning Singer sewing machine. I experimented with bits of fabric I happen to have stashed away. Gradually my love of fabric, particularly colourful fabric, emerged and I found myself sourcing pieces (some small, some huge) everywhere.

I delight in rescuing rich embroidered pieces, tapestries and woven fabrics from remnant bins. This was the start. I soon found I needed bigger pieces and gradually my collection grew.

Every bag I make is an individual. Unique in some way. Partly as I don’t find the same fabric again and partly as it makes these wonderful designs more interesting to create.

I have now been making bags for 3 years (very nearly 1000 of them) and they are enjoyed all over the world.

I am blessed with having an understanding husband, a tolerant son and 2 cats (who possibly don’t care what I do!).

I am also blessed with living in a beautiful part of the UK, Cornwall.

If you feel like a browse, pop over to my website.