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Handmade gemstone and seaglass jewellery


42 Garfield Road, London E4 7DG

About I Love Dolly Jewellery

I love to make individual pieces of handcrafted jewellery from solid metals, precious stones and upcycled materials, particularly seaglass. I create wearable jewellery and try to ensure that designs are stylish yet fun and understated yet eye-catching. Many of my pieces are one-of-a-kind as I believe that jewellery should be as unique and bespoke as the person wearing it. Many hours and a range of techniques are often needed to make just one piece but mostly I use traditional skills and tools (and my hands) to craft the jewellery I make.

I started my little business as a side venture (like many crafters) many years ago whilst I worked in law full-time, learning my craft in the evenings and also self-teaching. When I left my job to go on maternity leave, I never looked back. It was a make or break moment for me in taking the leap to become a jeweller full-time once my son was born and I haven't regretted the decision at all. I get to work at home around him in order to do what I love as a profession. It is always exciting to create something which will not be available anywhere else, inspired by textures and shapes and natural things and all the things I love. My pieces have used seaglass, sea pottery, sea plastic, pebbles, shells and gems.