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About The Crafty Calf

I have always been "crafty" so when my First Wedding Anniversary arrived I decided to make something unique for my husband, as you traditionally give a paper gift I decided to create my first ever papercut using some lyrics from our first dance song. He loved it and after that I was hooked on papercutting!

After the birth of my Daughter in April 2013 I had the idea to start The Crafty Calf and in October 2013 my idea became reality, The Crafty Calf was born, since then I have won a few awards including, the Queen of Personalised Papercuts by The Royal Connection, the prestigious Jacqueline Gold WOW award and Dragon Den star Theo Paphitis’ SBS award. I have a professional background in Veterinary Nursing, I worked in the profession for 8 years so I have a well trained steady hand and a slight obsession with fiddly sharp things!

I take inspiration from everything around me – music, the seaside, inspirational quotes and nature. But my biggest inspiration of all is my Daughter, Holly Georgiana. My husband also plays a big role in The Crafty Calf, he is very supportive and fills me with cups of tea! He gives me some great ideas and helps me come up with new products but (there is always a but!) he is also my biggest critic. Every piece I make is closely examined by him and only when it has his seal of approval will I send it out!

I have had the pleasure of creating thousands of precious keepsakes and have even created some for a few stars too! I thoroughly enjoy making each piece and with each one being different and ‘moo’nique it makes them even more special.