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Naughty but niche greetings cards

About Dippyfishcards

I've been drawing greetings cards for people all my life. I started as a kid, and just never grew out of it. 
Now I team up a groanworthy love of puns with hand drawn illustrations and my brand of daft humour to give people something nice to shove up their mates' postboxes. Cos let's face it, bills and circulars are not much on spreading joy, and if there's anything I know, it's that sometimes a little something silly through the post can really keep you going. 

This is my side hustle, I have a graphic design consultancy which is the 'sensible day joy'. But this is a literal labour of love. And I so SO love to think of my silly nonsense winging its way around the world to cheer people up and send love. Considering the state of the world, I think a little bit of kindness goes a long way. I've shipped to places as far afield as Australia and Alberquerque – Dippyfishcards is a global joy dispensary, and an inclusive one.

I have a lot of slightly rude and sweary designs, if people want an innuendo I usually give them one.  (LOL)
So g'wan, have a look and see what (in)appropriate loveliness you can send to your friends and family from the coloured pencils and slightly dippy brain of a Pirate Mermaid Punderwoman from Burton upon Trent now living on the side of the Thames in a showbox full of crayons.

I promise fervently to fritter away your hard-earned cash on gin, knickers and loose men. And if that isn't a mission statement to be proud of, I don't know what is :D