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Anger Management Specialist and Coaching Psychologist

About Tristone Coaching

As an adult survivor of domestic abuse (toxic parent), I have combined my anger management training with my own experience of anger restoration into my psycho-educational workshops and anger coaching - that seeks out the potential for enhancing emotional well-being, improving relationships, discovering performance blockages and promoting anger as a fuel to achieve success-change-direction.


I established Tristone Coaching as it's my vision and passion to educate, inform and support those experiencing dysfunctional anger, either their own or anger from others, to use anger more productively. The main part of my work is to teach participants about the positive aspects of their anger. As an Anger Coach, I work with individuals to unlock healthy anger within them and support them in restoring their anger to its primary function; by explaining the fundamentals of anger; directing them in understanding their own anger; empower them to take ownership of their behaviour; motivate them to assertively communicate their thoughts and feelings and educate them with anger management techniques and positive psychology interventions.


Studying Psychology and coupled with my personal life experiences, have both been the development and driving force behind setting up Tristone Coaching (previously named - Restoring Lives). I’ve had to become more courageous in implementing my business due to a negative early start in my life and it's my passion to provide others with a service that can empower, encourage and support those affected by emotional disharmony and my desire to guide them in achieving their potential.


Having graduated with a DipHE in Playwork and Youth Studies and a B.A. (Hons) in Education and Community Studies from the University of East London, I also trained as an Anger Management Therapist at the British Association of Anger Management. My continuing professional development includes; Life Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Humanistic Counselling, and Stress Management. I now have over 16 years’ experience in my field which I am actively utilising in my business. I am also studying a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology to further enhance my skillset and knowledge: The research part of the Masters will commence at the start of next year; I’m studying the effects of psychoeducation and positive psychology intervention has on a young person’s anger and shame.


On a more personal level - have been married to John for 23 years and we have four children together; Morgan 21, Mason 19, Turaya 11 and Vitoria 8. I'm also a qualified hairdresser, a professional artist and I facilitate a craft group for ladies in my community alongside running my own jewellery making business.