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Made to order bag & wine glass charms, bracelets and keyrings perfect for birthdays & weddings

About Belles Charms

Queen of charms, made to order charmed bag & wine glass charms, charmed & personalised bracelets, keyrings and #wedding favours.

Keyrings are popular for birthdays and new #baby arrivals for #family members & wedding thank you favours.

Bracelets come with any charm, personalised (if you require this service) and bead colours of your choice, these are also perfect for #birthdays and #occasions especially #weddings.

My wedding range consists of bracelets & anklets,top table wine glass charms and wedding favours for your guests. Aswell as hen party items. I also have top hat charms for groom wedding party.

These all come with a wedding charm of your choice and colour bead to match your wedding colour theme & gift bag.