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Bespoke Dog Crate Covers and Accessories.

About The Cosy Canine Company

Welcome to The Cosy Canine Company, a happy hub of original designs all handmade by me, Lottie Clements. I make dog crate covers, bags and aprons, all from beautiful, high quality oilcloth fabric. My journey into making started three years ago when my wonderful cockapoo, Baxter, came to live with me. I was a first-time dog owner, and I wanted to do everything properly. I researched feed, health and training – everything that would make my dog's life a good one. When Bax finally arrived I was completely set up, ready for the new addition to the household... it didn't take me long, however, to realise that the crate I had bought for him to have his quiet space was ugly. I loved my dog; I hated his 'bedroom'.

I tried draping pretty fabrics over the metal structure, but they soon got dirty, creased and didn't respond well to their regular jaunts through the washing machine. I resorted to old towels: eugggh. All I wanted was something that looked good, and was durable and easy to keep clean. What I wanted and what I could buy were poles apart. That's when the penny dropped. I've always enjoyed being creative (I sew my own clothes and homewares), so I set my mind to what I now wanted: a durable, easy-clean and, importantly, aesthetic crate cover. So I stitched one in a glorious polka dot Clarke and Clarke oilcloth fabric, and it looked good... really good! Perfectly fitted, gorgeous and wipe-clean; just what I wanted. Then I realised that I wasn't alone, and that's how The Cosy Canine Company was born.

I now spend my time making bespoke crate covers from fabulous Clarke and Clarke and Prestigious oilcloth fabrics. As well as looking great in my home, they (I have two dogs now, and two crate covers) really are durable and a quick wipe over with a damp cloth has them looking good as new – perfect when muddy dogs get back from their walk! My love of making things continued and I now make Shopping Bags from oilcloth. I love making I get excited when a new shipment of oilcloth is delivered. The bags are durable and wipe clean, making them perfect for your weekly shop but also look lovely on a day out at the beach.