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Custom-made fairy doors and accessories that give you a doorway into your very own Fairy Wonderland to start you on a magical, inspiring and creative journey!

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Skipton - North Yorkshire

About Christie's Crafts

Hi there, I'm Christine and I'm the fairy 'behind the scenes' of Christie's Crafts. I create custom-made fairy doors and accessories that give children a doorway into their very own Fairy Wonderland to start them on a magical, inspiring and creative journey!

Children have the most amazing imaginations and their creativity should always be supported and encouraged. Fantasy or pretend play is a fabulous way of doing this so why not help your child to develop these skills. Get them one of their very own fairy doors (a magical portal for the fairies to travel between their world and ours) and invite a fairy into your home. Add a few accessories that you think your fairy would like and then simply let your child's imagination and creativity take over.

Remember there are also other great reasons to have a fairy door. The tooth fairy likes somewhere to collect her little teeth from and she always loves to leave a little gift just by the door. Fairies are also very good at listening. If you have a little one who is worried about something they could write a little note and leave it at the fairy door so that the 'fairies' in your home can write one back to help out. Also fairies just love to reward little girls and boys who have been especially good and like to leave little gifts by the door as a way of saying thank you and well done.

Sometimes even grown-ups like fairy doors so I haven’t forgotten about them. There are some beautifully designed doors just for you and they will look absolutely wonderful on display in your home!

Do fairies actually even exist? Well, take a look around your house, look into your heart and maybe next time you're passing have a glance in the mirror. Fairies ARE a lot closer than you think!