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Handmade fairy-doors & accessories to inspire imagination and creativity - go on a magical journey

About Christie's Crafts

Hi there, I'm Christine and I'm the fairy 'behind the scenes' so to speak of Christie's Crafts. I started my fairy door business in 2016 creating lovely magical little portals that could be used to invite fairies to travel between their world and ours. I later added fairy accessories to my range so that not only can you have a delightful fairy door but an entire magical fairy wonderland should you wish. My website is a fabulous place to come and see what I have to offer, to see what I'm up to and to interact with me via my blog and hopefully to have an ongoing relationship together. 


You will find many different designs and sizes of fairy doors on my website to purchase, however, if you don't see you anything you would like I also take custom orders - just go to the Create a Scene page where you can choose from a range of blank doors. Once you have picked your fairy door - finished or blank - you can then choose from a fabulous range of fairy accessories to create your very own wonderful magical fairyland scene. Replying to a few simple questions will tell me how you wish your door and acccessories to be painted and each and every item will then be personally hand-painted by me, carefully wrapped and posted to your door. 


What is their purpose and why should you have one in your home? Well, aside from giving a fairy a magical portal to travel between their world and ours...

Fairy doors can be used to leave messages and little gifts for the fairies and parents (aka fairies) can leave little messages and gifts for their children. They can can also be a helpful way to reward good behaviour by popping in little gifts for the children every now and then along with notes of encouragement and inspiration.

Do you have a little one who is at the age where they're losing their teeth? Fairy doors take away that awkward moment where you have to lift your little one's head as carefully as possible in order not to wake them and slip a coin under their pillow. Simply place the tooth next to the door the night before and it will be replaced the next morning with a coin or a gift by a little fairy.

The doors can also be used to help stimulate or unlock a child's imagination especially if you add some lovely fairy accessories like a ladder, picket fence, lamp-post, a letterbox for those little notes–maybe even some magical fairy dust? Children can benefit from games of make-believe as it actually helps them with the learning process because using their imaginations helps the neurons in their brains to connect faster.

So, as you can see these lovely little fairy portals can add a creative and magical element to your home, especially if you have little ones about. Why not invite a fairy into your home and bring a little magic into a child's life - help to inspire creativity and set their imaginations free!