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We sell a variety of gelatin types in small,large and bespoke quantities

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49 Marshfield, Wimborne, Dorset

About MMIngredients

My name is Gavin Kieser and my wife and I initially started a business together making sweets, from this I developed a second business, as a 'side-line' of our confectionary business, that is rapidly overtaking it.

When we first started making sweeta the specialist gelatine that we needed wasn't stocked in the shops (and still isn't) and we couldn't get it from suppliers in the relatively small quantities that we needed, so we decided to take a risk, buy 25 kg and try to re-package what we didn't need  and sell it on e-bay.

We soon realised that we weren't the only ones who wanted to buy 'friendly' quantities of that gelatine....and then that there were other forms of gelatine that people wanted in small to medium quantities. We started to look into the various requests that we'd had, and decided to broaden our range, first to varieties of gelatine, and then we added hydolysed collagen, sorbitol, glycerine, egg-white powder and other products used, not only by confectionary producers, but also by special effects make-up experts, gelato makers, burger makers and body-builders.

Now we have built a small unit to house our growing range of bulk-buys and make the packing easier, and Gavin is fast-becoming an expert in the use of gelatine for various purposes.