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About Strength Cards

What are Strength cards and do they work?

For many people Strength Cards have been life-changing, which is why the cards are used by thousands of family workers, teachers, counsellors, trainers and parents worldwide.

Strength Cards are used for a whole range of purposes that include helping people identify their strengths and skills, goal setting, exploring values, critical reflection, evaluation and creative writing.

Grounded in strengths-based theory, Strength cards are capable of opening up conversations about the hard stuff in life as well as nurturing new ways of thinking about life’s possibilities. Originally developed as a resource for families struggling with difficult issues, the Strength Cards offer three key reminders for us all:

• We all have strengths and it helps if we can identify and name our strengths.

• We can all mobilise and use our strengths to address particular problems.

• Sharing and celebrating strengths is important.

Use them to spark curiosity and ignite a multitude of questions—because wherever we go, whatever we do, strengths are with us… and everyone has them!