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My aim is to let you know enough about the foods we eat and the impact this has on your body and our children’s to enable you to make informed choices for the rest of your life.


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About The Health Kick

Louise Mercieca is an award-winning author of How Food Shapes Your Child and a Nutritional
Therapist. Louise has worked with adults on preventative nutrition for many years and whilst still
supporting adults, she has decided that the best form of prevention is to ensure that we get nutrition
right for the next generation, hence writing her book.
The book combines nutritional science, a family friendly recipe section and fun characters that were
designed with the help of her young son.
Louise looks behind some of the scary health headlines and explains what we need to know and
Easy to read, beautifully laid out and engaging to children, this book aims to bring food to life and
explain the important relationship between the foods we eat and health, mood, sleep, behaviour.
concentration and IQ.
Louise does a lot of work to raise awareness of the impact (good and bad) of the food we eat and
regularly appears on the radio and in articles and is increasingly being recognised for her work in this