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Turning precious items of clothing into something you can treasure.

About Bee Belles Keepsakes

My name is Diane and I started Bee Belles Keepsakes 5 years ago.

My name comes from my youngest grand daughter who at about the age of 13 months couldn't pronounce her own name of Isabelle and called herself Beebelle.

I have been an avid dressmaker since about the age of 10 when I first started making hand sewn clothes for my dolls. I had my first sewing machine when I was about 13 and started to make clothes and soft furnishings for family and friends.

It wasn't until 2014 that I decided to turn my sewing skills into a business.

I first started out making children's clothes but I couldn't compete price wise with the likes of some of the high street stores. It wasn't until a lady asked me if I could make 12 bears out of her late fathers shirts that my business took a new direction.

I soon realised that a lot of people love to keep baby clothes and they cherish clothes from loved ones that have passed away but they don't always want to keep them hidden away in drawers and cupboards.

My creations from their clothing bring a lot of happiness to people and it helps some people immensely after the passing of a loved one.

I feel very honoured to be trusted and priviledged to handle what can be such precious items to people.