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We turn everyday items into unique, one off upcycled pieces!

About Dolly Did It

The story behind the name...
Once upon a time when Amy was around two, her parents were repainting the living room, whilst on a break they had left the pot of paint on the side. As they were making tea, Amy toddled in with her dolly putting her down on top of the pot of paint. Suddenly the paint pot crashed to the floor. She went into the kitchen saying:
"Mummy come! Mummy come!"
As her parents entered the living room they saw the spilt paint had covered the carpet, sofa & walls.
All she said was "Dolly did it"

The story now...
When Amy was younger, her and her mum had always wanted to have a little tea and cake shop that sold the items you used. They’ve always loved recycling and never throw anything out! So the idea has always been in the back of their minds.
When Amy was coming round to leaving The BRIT School, she decided she didn't want to go onto university, she applied for a start up business bursary and got down to the final 10. After receiving the news she hadn't be successful she was even more determined to give it a go. With only £200, Amy and her mum decided to set up Dolly Did It, a business selling all homemade, upcycled, recycled, vintage and pre-loved goods.

Friends and family then started to give them pieces of furniture that they no longer wanted and they started to hunt round charity shops and car boot sales finding vintage things and items they could turn into something else.

In June 2014 they then started to get in contact with local markets and have been busy creating and upcycling in their workshop (AKA the kitchen) in their home in Dulwich ever since then!

Amy, now 20 years old and with nearly 2 years of successful upcycling, they have branched out selling online as well as trading at their favourite regular markets.