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From a single piece of paper beauty emerges - It’s all in the detail.


Lanark CLose, Heywood, OL10 3ND

About Cara-Lou Paper Cuts

I’m Emma, a self-confessed cake loving, coffee guzzling paper addict, with detailed perfection to make each piece have the Cara-Lou flare.

Dubbed the Queen of Scalpel Artistry. I spend my time creating unique art for others to appreciate and enjoy.

OCD is a daily part of my life, so; I have an eye for the perfect lettering, an obsessive fixation for symmetrical designs and a love of poetry and rhymes. (See what I did there?)  So, upon discovered paper cutting in 2015, it was the perfect way to combine everything and Cara-Lou Paper Cuts was born.

From my home studio, I design and cut a range of art, my favourite styles include mandala, typography, and lots of detail. Most of my products are made to order.

Cara-Lou offers a range of products, colours, styles and personalisation to enable everyone, of every budget, to enjoy Cara-Lou’s art. 

 It’s important that you’re 100 percent happy with your finished product. I get escapism when creating, but I strive for you to experience something when you see it, it’s the joy of art, it’s subjective.