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About Rosarts

Hi, I'm Alex and I'm the creator of Rosarts - Refreshingly Original Storified Arts.

Rosarts launched in 2015 after I decided to follow my passion for creativity and make wall art for children and families. After I had my daughter, I wanted something unique for her bedroom wall - so I decided to write a little story about the day she was born, and illustrate it too. The end result is pictured on the right. It was completely about her, and the story was meaningful to us. Soon I found that others wanted me to create story prints about their children, and I realised that people care more about products that are meaningful to them. So that's what I began to create.

I make artwork that tells a meaningful story. Combining hand-drawn and painted illustration with the art of storytelling allows me to make 'Storified Art' - pieces that celebrate all of life's uniquely personal moments.

I've also recently started running workshops for primary schools - encouraging children to write creatively and use art to put together their own little masterpieces!

I'm passionate about creating beautiful stories about children, families, occasions, pets - anything really! Rosarts is all about celebrating your stories - and I'm continuing to write mine as I build my little business.

Thanks for reading and please do get in touch or visit my website for more information - looking forward to getting to know you all.

Alex :) x