Don’t take our word for it for what we do for our #QueenOf and #KingOf winners, take a look at what they say…

Sharon Bear – Luna Bear Gifts

“AMAZING!!! Thank you so much. So much support on Twitter and FB. Really boosted my confidence about my small biz and got me super motivated. The time and effort that Dylan and Andy put into both and is amazing, don’t underestimate the effect it has. My brother won the other week after only having launched his business a couple of months ago and it really boosted his confidence and has increased his connections and profile. Thank you once again.”

Liz Bailey – Love Typing

10 Reasons to Join The Royal Connection

“1. The Royal Connection is a supportive network of likeminded business owners.
2. A LinkedIn group that has helped me to broaden my connections.
3. I am able to discuss business ideas and questions in the private Facebook Group.
4. There is an exclusive Tweetchat every Wednesday for members to catch up with each other’s week.
5. If my business needs to purchase a service there is usually a member who provides it who I already know, like and trust.
6. People have got to know like and trust me so they are more likely to turn to me if they need something.
7. The internet is a noisy place, this is a quieter room where I can be heard and hear others.
8. Members like and share each other’s posts and pages giving much wider reach then I could achieve alone.
9. Members only receive their crown after entering their business a number of times, showing their persistence and determination to make their own business a success.
10. Massive free promotion both inside and outside the world of Twitter.”

Wendy Harris – Peace & Quiet Soy Wax Candles

Since my #queenof win, Aqua Design Group have given my small business great support and advice. Very impressed with their customer service. Would highly recommend them.”

Kara Dale – Kadee Candy Events

The guys from Aqua Design Group don’t just offer products they offer amazing support and networking opportunities to small businesses like mine, they have been so helpful and always available to offer advice. This extra support is what sets them above the rest! They are friendly and professional and I cannot thank them enough!

Charlene Wallis – Diamond Dazzle Hair and Accessories

I’m absolutely over the moon to be crowned Hair Confidence by Andy Quinn and the royal connection group. Since winning this fabulous award I have lots of new connections, who actually go out of their way to help promote my business. The support is second to none & very much appreciated. I would 100% recommended all business owners to join in with these awards as it’s helped my business grow so much. Winning Hair Confidence also gave me the opportunity for press release, again generating more customers! Thank you so very much Andy Quinn – royal connection & Dylan Moore – aqua design group, for all your continued support.”

Emma Victoria Kitchen – Ribbon Of Hearts

“A positive network of like minded individuals’ is how I would describe #QueenOf.
Becoming the #QueenOf Memories to Treasure is something that I am very proud of, I couldn’t wait to get the badge!
The constant support and encouraging tweets are what make it so special.
My connections have increased, I am building some fantastic relationships and it gave us a great platform to launch our first website.
Thankyou Aqua Design Group, Andy & Dylan for everything.”

Kirstie Betts – Pied A Terre Adventures Limited

“Back in Feb 2014 I was crowned #QueenOf Outdoor Adventures!  It was just amazing! Recognition like this means such a great deal when you are a small business – and we are so grateful for this opportunity and to have been selected.  It really helped to grow our wonderful company and we have made many invaluable contacts as a result.”

Carol Dickinson – The Exotic Paper Company

“I was delighted to win #QueenOf Recycled Paper, and display my lovely badge with pride! Having the title has significantly increased awareness of The Exotic Paper Company and enhanced its presence on social media. Joining the network has proved invaluable both in meeting new people and increased sales. Huge thanks to Dylan for his support, RTs and tremendous work with the #QueenOf and #KingOf competitions.”

Bryan Halliday – Hallidays

“Win win win! The royal connection #KingOf Landscaping was awarded to me last year and still to this day my following grows and I’m in contact with some fantastic businesses all over the country. Of course it’s a bit of fun and another little certificate in the office, but it’s a great networking tool and place of support from thousands of other small business owners. I would recommend not only entering the #KingOf or #QueenOf competitions but keep in touch and engage with your fellow followers and royal supporters.”

Kath – misspeachy.com

“Since winning the #QueenOf award in October 2015 my business has gone from strength to strength. Sales are increasing month on month. The continuous support from Andy @ADG_IQ and my fellow #QueenOf winners is amazing and always appreciated. You have all contributed to the success of @mpdesignerwear / Miss Peachy. What else can I say but a huge thank you to everyone. My followers have often converted to loyal customers and are ever increasing. To date my business has almost 27,000 followers and my account is growing daily. Of all the small business awards I have won on Twitter my most treasured is the #QueenOf award.”

Geri Martin – The Chocolate Manor

“I discovered the #RoyalConnection through Twitter in 2014, and was impressed by this forward thinking way to promote small businesses. I was thrilled to win and to be named #QueenOf Bespoke Chocolate. Not only did I recieve a personalised badge but this title has opened up a network of wonderful, supportive entrepreneurs that I now treasure. I am proud to showcase my #QueenOf win and it was only through our network that I became aware of Pitch@Palace with the Duke of York, and subsequently selected to showcase my work at St James’ Palace. Dylan is always working away in the background to support his winners and he is a pleasure to deal with. He even wrote a blog piece on my recent adventures! http://www.aquadesigngroup.co.uk/when-the-queenof-bespoke-chocolate-met-the-royals I would encourage everyone to enter the #KingOf and #QueenOf competitions – it has been a real boost to my business.”

Stacey Lear – Treasured Pens

“I love being a #QueenOf! Technically speaking I’m the sales/admin side of Treasured Pens but being the #QueenOf Handmade Pens has put me in a good position to tell everyone what we do. The RTs we get through Dylan and Andy have secured extra customers for us and definately increased our reach through more followers! Thanks guys!”

Lara Bishop – Corporate Baby

“Dylan and Andy are great support and being #QueenOf is awesome and helped our brand awareness and spread the news about our unique and practical baby gifts.”

Liss – Sisters of the Moon

“Winning #QueenOf gave a huge boost to Sisters’ profile at a time when I was still finding my feet with Twitter. I forged so many new connections with people I probably would never have got to know before. Suddenly people know Sisters existed! I gained new followers (in their hundreds!) and there was a definite increase in sales.

Dylan and Andy really support their Queens with RTs, promotions, help and advise, support and the Royal Connection website. You gain so much more than a badge – although I’m incredibly proud of mine and use it in a lot of my advertising.

I’d advice any small biz owner to have a go and enter #QueenOf / #KingOf and see what difference it will make for them.”

Richard Howes – Bridger Howes Ltd.

“Winning a #KingOf award in 2014 gave us access to an incredibly supportive network of fellow royals. The Royal Connection group works collectively to raise the profile of winners and promote the awards. Supported by a brilliant winners website, the Royal Connection is one of the best things to happen to SMEs on social media.”

Steffie B Hall – Made by Steffie B

“I have loved being #QueenOf #OrderOfFabulous, at first it gave me a huge boost in confidence being new to doing online business and in time it has brought me a lot of followers, it’s probably doubled them.  The support from Dylan and Andy is priceless.  Not only does they share my work, they both writee special tweets for me and they’ve even taken the time to make this website for us all.

 I can’t recommend it enough, have a go and join the #RoyalConnection group! And thank you for everything you do everyday!”

Heather Brown – Muddy Matches

“We’ve connected with lots of new people both through Facebook and Royal Connection hour. It’s also great to have a fixed page on the Royal Connection site.”

Meg Sparrow – Silver Sparrow

“To begin with it’s simply great to have a shiny new Badge. Secondly, Silver Sparrow has connected with many new businesses/services both on Facebook & Twitter. The #QueenOf retweets helps expose to a wider audience. Really appreciate it. Lastly, the business page on the #RoyalConnection site is a bonus.”

Emily Kidner – Chi Chi Cards

“Winning the #QueenOf Swarovski Greeting Cards has proved invaluable.  The visits to our website have increased, order numbers have gone up but the main thing is the amount of promotion these guys do for us. We couldn’t be happier nor more proud to wear the #QueenOf badge!”

Chrissie Christian – Amshire Solutions Ltd.

Dylan and Andy provide such fantastic support to ALL #QueenOf and #KingOf winners giving no special treatment to any particular winner. 

 Since winning #QueenOf, #OrderOfFabulous and #KingOf we have connected with over 1,390 new businesses making many new friends along the way. 

 The new #RoyalConnection website is a bonus showcasing all winners in one area.”

Linda Cooper – Uniquely Your Design

“Winning #QueenOf was the best thing that happened to me and my business. All the promotion from Dylan & Andy has made an amazing difference, now I’m non stop busy.  Very proud to have my badge on my website and all social media sites. They really are a brilliant team. Thank you guys so much for making such a BIG difference!”