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About CoverMyBubble

Hi, my name is Emma Astley

I've been in the insurance industry for over 10 years. My first few years were a steep learning curve, but quite soon into my new career I realised I wanted to protect people with the right insurance products for them and to try and make it affordable. I got promoted within the business and progressed to a management role, responsible for many smaller businesses across the UK and hundreds of agents who sold insurance under our businesses license.  

The workload was a lot for me and I wasn't happy about some procedures that had been implemented. My concerns were not taken seriously by the directors and shortly afterwards I needed a break to look after my stress and mental health. This time gave me all I needed to make decisions about my future and how I could do things differently and far better for my potential clients. 

One weekend I sat down with my family to throw some ideas around about maybe starting my own business. Chris, my husband, came up with the name 'CoverMyBubble' for the business to be called. We always call our family our bubble, so as soon as I heard this my passion grew immensely and everything else just fell into place. 

We lost our daughter in 2006 and since that moment we’ve made sure our bubble is protected. Lillie-Beth is a part of our lives every day and we feel especially close to her when we see rainbows. The shape of the rainbow along with its colours gave us the inspiration for the company name and branding.

Everyone has a ‘Bubble’ whether it’s your home, partner or children! We want to protect everyone’s bubble with the best insurance policy for them, that suits their needs and circumstances. ​We've learnt that having the right cover in place can help considerably should events happen beyond our control. We want this for our bubble and are passionate about raising awareness on how important it is for others to have it for themselves. After suffering financially for nearly 10 years, we know first-hand how it can affect families and we don't want this for anybody. 

I would be delighted to look at your insurance needs to make sure your ‘Bubble’ is properly protected should the worst happen..... There’s too many ‘What if’s’ nowadays. Should anything happen, it’s better to have some insurance than none at all. 

From our family to yours, let us cover your bubble!