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Pendulum of Mayfair Ltd is a London specialist dealer in fine antique clocks and Georgian furniture. We are based in central London and Cheshire.


51 Maddox Street, London W1S 2PH

About Pendulum of Mayfair Antique Clocks Ltd

Our family antique clocks and furniture business was formed when we started the company Coppelia Antiques over 45 years ago from our premises in Cheshire. We have always had our own staff that carry out specialist repairs and services to our own clocks. We also provide an outside repair and restoration facility. In 1995 we started the company Pendulum of Mayfair Ltd and purchased the effective freehold of a property in central London that was formerly owned by the late great Fred Perry. Our shop is situated here at King House, 51 Maddox street, London, in the heart of London's Mayfair.

Over the years we have sold our antique furniture and clocks to some very special individuals all around the world. One of those special clients a Chairman within Exon Mobil stated it was the best present his wife had ever purchased for him. We have so many lovely customers that all our are friends. Our clocks bring great joy to many families around the world. These Master Timekeepers bring a stately majestic presence to any home. Owning one of our clocks is like someone nice coming to live with you.

We also look after the clocks for many famous London hotels and banks within the city. We have been honoured to restore and look after all the clocks within the Russian Embassy. The Russian Ambassador is someone that I would gladly call a personal friend as a result. Friends can be forged in all sorts of areas you never knew was possible, all this through selling and restoring antique clocks.

We are now well into the second generation of our family antique clocks business and long may it thrive and continue with one of my children. I feel honoured to have a job that I can honestly say I enjoy every single day. It is very rare to sell something and through this forge lifelong friendships. Our antique clocks will be with us for many years to come, we are just short term custodians of them. These fantastic items we have been left with are a treasured part of our history. I only wish the makers could see them still ticking reliably in homes today.