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About Kate O'Brien Art

I'm an artist who loves using vibrant colour to create completely unique renditions of cherished architecture; from the City Hall to your own home!

After studying Textile Art at university, I began to teach art at secondary school alongside producing my own work. After 10 years in education it became clear that I could no longer manage both so made the move to become a full time artist.

I specialise in mixed media work, which includes vibrant ink, watercolours and tea staining which contrasts strong imagery with soft bleeding colour. Being based in Stockport, but having grown up in Derbyshire, I take great inspiration from both the dramatic natural beauty of the landscape and the solid architectural forms which surround me.
I offer a bespoke service, in which customers can order artwork depicting an image with personal meaning for them. House, wedding venue and pet portraits are particularly popular.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. You can also find me in Glass Umbrella Art inside Stockport Market Hall, usually on Thursdays and Saturdays.