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I'm a self taught artist, passionate about thinking out of the box and not conforming!

About Michelle's Art Loft

Michelle is a contemporary creative based in Merseyside, UK.
Having ventured down many avenues such as performing and travelling Michelle has forever had a love for art, being creative and always been drawn back into it.
After returning to the UK from residing in Australia, now pursuing a steady career in Marketing, Social Media & Design... Art and Photography are now a big part of her life.
Always experimenting with new styles, mediums and ideas, watercolor painting remains a firm favourite.
Not content on being labelled to one style, she likes to keep things fresh and always create something new and unexpected. Conforming is not an option for Michelle.
Whereas Art has been in Michelle's life since she was a little girl, Photography has been a keen hobby since her teens, gradually becoming a more serious part of being creative. 
After receiving a DSLR as a gift in 2012, it has had much use, from landscapes, portraits, sports photography to a consistent favourite.... Macro Photography.
When this venture started out it was named 'Art by Michelle'. Now undergone a new branding image 'ABM' is now a thing of the past and Michelle's Art Loft takes its place. The name was inspired by Michelles converted loft (She calls her 'Art loft') Where many of hours are spent creating new imagery.
Michelle hopes you enjoy her work as much as she enjoys creating it.