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About Hate it? Change it!

After an insensitive comment from a family member, I became a professional dieter at the age of just 13! I tried every diet I could find. But however much weight I lost, I would still feel fat, ugly and not good enough. I thought if I were thin, then I would be liked more. But I still wasn't happy and the weight would always creep back. And even worse, I would gain back more weight and lose even more self esteem. With every diet my food addiction and bingeing become engrained and my self-esteem non-existent. I felt nothing but shame for myself and wanted the ground to swallow me up. Years later after having my children by pure chance I was offered the chance to become a Personal Trainer and soon started to fall in love with how exercise made me feel confident. I was good at it. Then my interest in nutrition grew. I discovered that starving yourself and beating yourself up to be thin was the road to ruin I had been on for years. Through my relentless studying of the human metabolism, I learned that everyone is as different on the inside as they are on the outside and therefore every diet needs to be crafted to work us. I slowly crafted a real food based approach that eliminates all 'beige dead food' and as the cravings disappeared I started to fall back in love with real food. Now I am no longer ruled by my diet, binge or think about food 24/7. I am in control because I created a way that works for me. And now I want to help others create their very own way too! And so begun my amazing journey to become The Fat Controller, banishing the beige and creating the 'You Diet' so you too can stop dieting and being free to love YOU and how you eat. Big love, small tummies! Jill – The Fat Controller