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About Bombs and Bubbles Galore

Hi, I'm Laura and I run Bombs and Bubbles Galore in my "spare" time - whatever that is! I started out in November 2017 as a rep for BBJ as a way to make a little extra money for Christmas, I never expected my business to grow as much as it did and I love everything about it.

I hold regular stalls in different places and love meeting new people, being a single parent for the last 18 years, this gave me a chance to have a type of social life and its broadened my horizons massively.  

My business is my baby, but its also a sideline to my full time job in Structural and Civil Engineering so I tend to run my business behind the scenes, while cooking, walking to work, while on my lunch, and while watching TV. I never really switch off and I thrive on being busy!