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Inspiring children to read and have even more fun with books

About Prenderland Books

Prenderland is a magical place, full of fun and happiness, where everyone loves books.

It was discovered by Prenders the Parrot, a famous explorer. He was incredibly excited to find such a wonderful island and wanted to live there forever, exploring with his Pals. Prenders loves his Pals dearly and they love spending time together sharing stories, having adventures and playing games.

If you enjoy your time in Prenderland it would be great if you came back to visit again. We will keep adding lots of fun activities and will also tell you much more about the PrenderPals, so you can really get to know them.

We also hope to show you, through some stories of our own, that learning really can be lots of fun.

Take a look at our shop too, lots of lovely ideas for presents.

Have a great time in Prenderland!