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Sue O’Sullivan

I was born and worked in London. I moved to Wiltshire where me and my husband brought up our two sons. It was during their teenage years that I rediscovered my love of painting.

My love of travel has taken me to some beautiful places and I create art as a way to record special memories. Whether it is crashing waves on a beach or the magic of trees in woodlands there is so much to inspire. I love to capture different angles and the variety of colours and shapes that nature creates.

I began working in watercolour but now work mostly in acrylics and I like to use a variety of tools for paint application to obtain a variety of textures. To date I have used bank cards, a rolling pin, bubble wrap and cardboard alongside the usual palette knives and brushes.

In between my landscape work I like to create abstracts as I love the contrast between the styles and the feeling of “letting go” when creating an abstract.


Recently I have been collaborating with the Melbourne Arboretum helping to raise funds for tree planting. One of my pieces was sold in an auction for the arboretum.