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Our mission is to build products with provenance. 
Our company objective is to design and build quality products made from materials sourced in Shropshire and its neighbouring counties. Presently, more than 75% of our product's value achieves this objective and we are constantly looking to do better. In our own small way, we are committed to reducing our impact on this fragile planet by building products that will last, from materials we trust.
Netherton Foundry is a family owned business located in South Shropshire.We sit right in the birthplace of the European Industrial Revolution. This was the 18th Century's "Silicon Valley". Today the heavy iron and coal industries are all but a distant memory and, for the most part, this corner of rural England has returned to a much quieter way of life. At Netherton Foundry, we have been inspired by the 18th and 19th centuries' Shropshire Iron masters, especially Abraham Darby. He was the creator of the world's first iron bridge. We wish to look again at the values that inspired this amazing period of creativity and energy. However, we also wish to learn from their mistakes and avoid the misuse of this beautiful county.