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About Happy Little Bundles

Happy Little Bundles provides family activity packs designed to boost health, wellbeing and development. Pack themes change regularly and each theme is linked to scientific research. Available as one off purchases or via a no-tie subscription, Happy Little Bundles are the ideal way to ring fence some quality time together or make the perfect gift!
We look at both the established and the latest research findings from areas such as positive psychology, early years education, and child development in order to match the science to practical ideas, products and activities that can be easily easily integrated into everyday family life. You can expect to explore activities linked to themes such as mindfulness, creativity, baby massage, nature, life skills, healthy eating, plus many more!
Happy Little Bundles is a social enterprise. So whilst you and your family enjoy your own Happy Little Bundle you can also enjoy the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with knowing that profits from your purchase will help out a parent or child whose journey has been tougher than most!

Packs are generally suitable for families with children aged 3+ years. However, from time to time we also release one off baby themed packs.

Pack contents vary each month but as a guide as to what to expect inside a monthly pack you can expect to find:

-An activity to inspire some quality family time together
-Associated products
-Additional treats and goodies

Come and join us to receive a monthly pack of inspiration to boost your family's health, wellbeing and development!