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Busy Life is all about products that celebrate and encourage what is good about society.


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About Busy Life Ltd

Busy Life Ltd

Busy Life Ltd is an e-commerce brand that uses the collective purchasing power of society to do good. It is run by Joanna and Steve. In particular, Busy Life reflects our values of valuing diversity, championing inclusion, and supporting mental health. Our portfolio of products also bridges the divide between Joanna's two passions, a positive view of disability and a love of running.

There is a website,, and two global print-on-demand stores, one on Zazzle and one on Teemill:

On Zazzle, we sell merchandise. This is a growing offer and currently includes beach towels, phone cases, notebooks, water bottles, coasters, charms, and key-rings. On Teemill we sell T-shirts and matching Tote Bags.

Diversity Designs™ Range

The range is made up of two collections; Run, girl, run!" and "Run, boy, run!". These are collections of clothing and accessories with inclusive, empowering, and inspiring images of girls and boys who run, however, they run. Each design includes an affirmation, a phrase that identifies you (or at least part of you!) Repeating your affirmation out loud, a number of times a day, helps you feel better and supports good mental health. Our hashtag is #Animagelikeyou.

Our aim, is that by wearing or using a Diversity Designs™ product that 1) you celebrate your most recent run; 2) it encourages you to run again and 3) it opens up conversations about running. We firmly believe there is a runner in everyone and we are hoping that seeing Diversity Designs™ products out and about will encourage people to just give it a go!

Move, Girl, Move™ Collection

For those of us that are active but not runners, we have a "Move, Girl, Move!™ range. These products have images of amongst others, girls who walk, dog walk, garden, cycle swim, do yoga, go to the gym etc. The aim of this range is the same as for the "Run, Girl, Run!" range. As with Diversity Designs™ products, they are available to buy from our Teemill and Zazzle stores.

Gift Shop

Joanna has been told by many people she buys thoughtful gifts. So, we decided to set up a gift shop. We don’t believe that anyone generally needs to spend more than £50 on a gift. (Currently, the maximum price is £15!). 

Little Acts of Kindness

Reflecting our company ethos, we think, what society needs are more little acts of kindness that can collectively result in the power to do good. So, we record on a page on our website, "Little Acts of Kindness" that Busy Life supporters are doing that are doing good.

The SmileCloud™ Range

Smiling has a positive effect on a person's health and well-being. You smile and you feel better. Even better, share that smile and you might make someone else feel better So, we have a Smile! page on the website. This includes a gallery of photos that have made us smile that we would like to share with anyone that visits my website. Hopefully, viewing these photos will make someone who is not feeling great, feel that little bit better.

Joanna posts a SmileCloud across social media every morning. This is a quote that communicates the importance of smiling and we record these on our Smile! page.

Writing Products

 Having just written a thesis, Joanna missed her writing. So, she decided to invent a few products that would allow her to write. These are:

 1) Wifi Welcome A humorous A4 poster to welcome family, friends, and visitors to your home, holiday cottage, hotel, restaurant, cafe, or bar etc.  

 2) 25 Lines of Love A letter, to some(one) you love, that tells them you love them and why. This can be written for a partner, friend, family member, or pet. There are many health and well-being benefits to both giving and receiving this gift. 

 3) An Ode to Business A poem that describes what your business does and how great it is! The poem can be used to promote your business on your website, via social media, by email, or even the old-fashion way by post. 

Charitable Giving

With every sale Busy Life makes, a donation is made to a good cause. We have always given to charity. However, it always frustrated us that we could only help one or two charities a year. Busy Life, therefore, partners with a different charity or good cause every month. This allows us to give to more worthy causes, whilst at the same time raising their profile. 

Social Media

We have accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. Joanna also runs a Diversity and Inclusion Hour #Dandi on Twitter. It takes place at 630pm on a Monday evening. This hour is a place to tweet, retweet, and like positive stories about disability. Everyone is welcome and it’s amazing who joins in and what topics we cover.

Busy Life is about championing the good in society. So, shop the best, with some to charity, for less!