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About Vicky Norton - Bright Sky Photography

Hi I'm Vicky - Queen of Capturing Emotion.

You have enough to plan on your special day, so make sure photography isn’t adding to your stress. I put innovation, experience, and passion into everything I do. With a list of satisfied clients, I know exactly how to give you what you need.

I like to capture your special day in a reportage style, which is a relaxed, natural and informal technique, this is a lovely way to achieve a nice narrative of the day, capturing the emotion and happiness of your wedding without putting you on the spot and making you feel uncomfortable and forced, I know not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera, myself included so trust me when I say I know how you feel!

This doesn't mean the all important traditional group photographs will be missed out though and I like to capture the small details as just as much thought goes into these as they do to create the main parts of the day. Your photography can of course be tailored to suit you, after all it is YOUR big day.

After your wedding my work doesn't stop, I aim to provide at lease 10 fully processed sneak peek images within 24 hours and all your photographs from the day will be available to view on your own password protected gallery.

I cover Leicestershire and the East Midlands, but I will happily cover other areas both in the UK and abroad where possible.