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Based in Suffolk, we offer a personal experience, producing timeless photos.

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Wattisham Station, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP7 7RA

About David Tombs Photography

David Tombs has been taking professional photographs for over 20 years starting in Germany in the eighties whilst serving in the Army. His early work was in Intelligence Photography but quickly moved to Portraits and Weddings in the days of Film which he still has a great affiliation with.

In 2000 David transitioned to digital photography and has spent the last 15 years‘sharpening’ the craft, learning and adapting his style to the highly professional and effortless photos that you can see David take today. David believes although digital is vastly different the basics of good photography rests with light and client engagement.

Having enjoyed much success over the years David moved to being a full time professional photographer in May 2012 with his own bespoke studio based in the heart of Suffolk. The benefits of now being a full time photographer means David can give his clients the service and attention they deserve; whilst maintaining and growing his busy business with admin, development and marketing. Lastly, it gives him the environment and time to constantly develop and hone his skills and to ensure that he is able to produce beautiful photos for every person who he works with.

As a full time professional David has had the time to go deeper into the whole concept of capturing an image from working with light and shadow, to capturing personality, expression and depth. With his years of experience and excellent reputation, David is able to extend the boundaries of traditional photography and deliver outstanding results. His famous saying that summarises David’s overall approach is: “click with the person before you click with the shutter.”

David’s ex military background has enabled him to be an amazing ‘people person.’ Full of personality and professional in his approach, he is able to move from shooting Weddings, Portraits and Newborn’s with ease and delicacy. Whilst understanding that events happen once, David is able to capture moments that traditional photography may miss. His experience within the Military and Photography industry, and his extended life experience, allows all sessions to be held with professionalism, calm and discretion. His talent for allowing the client(s) to feel relaxed is something that speaks volumes throughout his testimonials, and able to capture those moments that ‘no one else has managed to,’ highlights his talent as a photographer.

In 2014, David gained official recognition from the Master PhotographersAssociation (MPA) by being awarded his Licentiate Qualification in Wedding and Portrait Photography. Already a member of the MPA, being externally and officially verified highlights his desire to constantly improve and provide a professional service.

For 2015 David has many plans for developing the studio, to branching out into a larger area, recruiting more staff and launching his new ‘Memory Shoots.’ He believes in living life to the full and has much more to achieve and learn about, and will be entering 2015 with energy and enthusiasm for the coming months ahead.

“Live each day as if it is your last.” David Tombs, 2014