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Ceramic Sculptures & Pastel Drawings inspired by nature.

About Ashes & Oak

Ashes & Oak is a small business specialising in bringing a smile to everyone's face through our work with wood and ceramics.  We are happy to take commissions otherwise we take our inspiration from the natural world around us.  Regardless of the pieces inception, they are all made lovingly by us in our small home studio.

Wood used is all from sustainable sources and we endeavour to use British suppliers wherever we can.  Ceramic work is mostly animal sculpture and firing methods used are moth modern electric kiln and traditional pit firing for different effects. For commissions contact us directly other pieces can be viewed at

At Ashes & Oak we believe strongly in the calming nature of creating with clay.  Over the many years we have worked with clay it is easy to see how working with clay can be a powerful ‘go to’ during the difficult times of life. Many of the sculptures produced in our studio have naturally developed into their final finish through the relaxation of the body and mind once work begins. Drawing on our experiences of working with clay and as trained teachers we have developed programmes for adults and children to help them feel the benefits of being creative.  The main benefits are:

  • The physical manipulation of clay helps reduce the adrenaline streaming through our systems when we become stressed.  Adrenaline is responsible for the ‘fight or flight’ responses we naturally feel when faced with an actual or perceived threat.
  • Working with clay enables us to mentally move away from the problems causing our stress.
  • Physical distraction and absorption in the creative process allows us to view our problems more rationally and create plans to solve them.

Working through the program develops new skills and raises self esteem and confidence regardless of skill level.