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About In Collaboration

Hi I'm Samantha! In Collaboration was founded to help others find ways to grow and succeed through mutual benefits and collaboration. We have a series of ways we do this: Through social media we work to help promote small creative businesses (and others- all who are interested in collaboration are welcome!), running #CollabHour every Tuesday at 1pm-2pm (UK time) and through our new hashtag campaign #MadeByHand encouraging makers to highlight the value of handmade through sharing the time, skills and process behind the creation. Our creative collaboration challenges are free to join and provide an opportunity to experience collaboration in a no pressure, just for fun way. Usually involving pairing of those involved, partners are given a month to create something collaboratively to see the benefits of creative thinking, working together and collaboration. Our online shop has a series of downloadable resources small business owners can use to help grow their business and create structure. From one-off downloadable resources to help with social media to courses that can be downloaded and worked on at home, there is something for any stage of business. The collaborative makes shop features products that have been made in collaboration, providing extra promotion and a chance to sell to those who have created products through collaborative working with no fees and low commission rates. For those looking to invest into bigger, supported growth for their artist or maker business we have a 6 month 1-1 program to help artists, illustrators and makers grow their business by building the business tool-kit they need to succeed. Everything we learn about business isn't designed for creatives and is often an awkward fit leaving a lot of creative businesses without structure, processes and tools they need to grow and succeed as a business. The Creative Tool Kit process has been designed to work with creatives, for creatives to help them achieve their goals. New website coming soon where all courses, membership and resources will be re-released and available again! In the meantime any enquiries can reach me on