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Using green probiotic products we offer deep cleans and regular cleans to keep you free from viruses and your workforce safe and happy at work.

About ST Extreme Clean

My team and I can keep your workplace safe, green and clean by using probiotic products which are not harmful to you or the environment unlike chemical cleaners. They also help to protect your workplace for longer as the good bacteria remains on the surface fighting the bad bacteria for up to 3 days, meaning you can feel safe in between cleans. These products are a game changer in the cleaning industry, as for years we have had to inhale fumes from bleach and other chemicals. Their disposal has also worried us, as bleach has severe detrimental affects on our oceans and wildlife. So using our cleaning services, not only benefits you but the environment too. 

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we are not as clean as we thought we were, make sure your business is continually reassuring your customers that you are a clean, safe covid secure environment. Investing in professional cleaning will mean your business withstands Covid, as reassured employees and customers will give your business that competitive edge.