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Contemporary Concrete creations, handmade for your home.

About Concrete Gems

My name is Gemma, the face and name behind Concrete Gems, based in Reading. I am passionate about making concrete beautiful, and bringing it into every home. I enjoy the process of taking the same stuff that the ugliest buildings are made of and making it into something comforting, stylish and modern. Concrete is so much more versatile than people think and I am constantly amazed at what I can make with it. My products are mainly small pieces, clocks, candles, coasters etc., which will look great in any home. The industrial texture and look of my work complements the modern urban home, but also provides a stylish feature to more traditional houses as well. I try to make my pieces as unique as possible and put a lot of care and attention into the finish of each item.

Concrete in its purest state of cement, sand and stones, is a natural product. I try not to add too many other additives to my concrete, to keep it as natural as possible. I am conscious of my effect on the environment and want to minimise my impact. My products are packaged in either recycled or recyclable materials wherever possible.

Away from the concrete, I'm a mum of two, wife, general crafter, runner and I love to get outside and spend time with my family.

Find me on Instagram @gemsconcretegems or on facebook at or visit my shop at