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It’s lovely to have you visit my little corner of the great wide web, I very much appreciate you being here.  

I am Jules – mama of 6 and wife of 1.  I’m almost 45 but have a stupidly childish sense of humour.  I have been a crafter for over 30 years, and sold many of my crafted wares for 20 or so of those years. 

I strive for a simple existence, and live in the beautiful Devonshire countryside, surrounded by fields and nature.  I spend my days home-educating my 3 youngest children, and conversing with our ever growing animal flock – chickens, runner ducks, a goat, a dog, cats, rabbits. and a very talkative Budgie called Harley.  

I love meeting like-minded crafting folk, and passing on my knowledge and skills that I developed during my time as a handmade business owner.  

I can’t wait to have a chat with you and find out what stage of the business building journey you are at. 

In Happiness

Jules x