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Gifts for Hound and home (for dog lovers and more!)

About Giddings Gifts

Hello, I am Helen Giddings. I handmake a variety of gifts aimed towards dog lovers. 

I have been crocheting for a number of years and began making small dogs as gifts for friends and family around 4 years ago. Together with my husband Chris, we finally decided to set up business in June 2016. We love dogs (particularly our own two, Molly and Baxter) and we love to be creative, so it felt like a natural progression. 


My crochet dogs have developed over the years and are growing in popularity. Each dog is custom made and is based on a real life canine. I create the dogs using photographs of dogs and replicate the markings and details. The result is a uniquely personal keepsake, perfect as a gift for dog owners or as a pet memorial.