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Crochet Patterns and Items, Beginners Mindful Crochet Kit - Seedlings

About Rainbow Dandelion Crochet

I am thrilled to be the final winner of  2023 - #queenof Crochet               

My business has a few elements to it, I crochet items and take commissions, I design crochet patterns and I have just raised enough money through a crowdfunding campaign to be able to start the next stage of my business, which is creating the "Seedlings Crochet Kit"- a beginners mindful crochet kit for adults and children aged 8+



Stress, anxiety, and the demands of daily life can leave us feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from ourselves.

Traditional crochet kits often focus on producing one specific item, you receive one hook, a pattern and the yarn, which for the seasoned crocheters is great, but for the beginner crocheter, what is there? A kit full of all sorts with no explanation on what they are or how to use them, a pattern you may have no idea how to follow and no support once you have purchased the kit. 

My Solution: Seedlings - a beginners mindful Crochet Kit.

The kit includes high-quality yarn, a variety of crochet hooks and items with full explanations as to what they do, a waterproof handmade drawstring bag, a beginners crochet pattern with several learning styles, a mindful journal that I have designed, fidget toys to help you stay focused and present and access to a Facebook support group dedicated only for those who purchase the kit.

The aim is to try to help people to move past those dark days by giving them a focus, an outlet and support all in one kit. I want to encourage creativity, pride and self-expression through handcrafting projects and foster a sense of community and connection through the group.

Let's explore in more detail

This is an example of the blanket you could make. The kit comes with 3 balls of yarn, in any colours that you can imagine!

Once you have made the blanket and you feel more confident in making other items you can use all of the items in the kit over and over again, you can go on to make items such as the viral Ticktock Hexagon cardigan


Would you like to end 2024 with a different mindset?

The Rainbow Dandelion Seedlings kit isn't just about learning a craft, it’s an invitation to discover more about who you are.

My kit combines mindfulness with the soothing craft that is crochet. As you rhythmically loop yarn through your fingers and create intricate items, the repetitive motions engage your senses, this is said to promote a sense of focus and presence.

It becomes a meditative journey where the tactile sensations - feeling the texture of the yarn, the rhythmic motions of the hook, and watching the slow creation of your item helps anchor attention to the here and now.

What will be included in the Seedlings kit?

The beginners mindful crochet kit is called Seedlings, it includes everything that you will need to start to learn how to crochet a 31 inch blanket in a relaxed state of mind, you will use the items as directed in the pattern and will be prompted to use the mindful journal throughout. This all inclusive luxury kit includes everything you need to start your journey.


Enter a world of sensory calmness with soothing soft yarn textures, I have provided enough to crochet a blanket. You may choose 3 separate colours, 2 of the same and 1 different, or 1 of each, this is an example



Feel the ergonomic grace of the beautiful crochet hooks as they effortlessly glide through the yarn.  There will be other colours available


Explore my crochet pattern, designed to lead you gently into the therapeutic art of crocheting, it includes graphs, pictures and the written pattern in different learning styles, along with access to a support group on Facebook. The pattern comes in a transparent A5 folder

Waterproof bag 

I have hand-made a storage bag. Crafted with a waterproof lining it ensures your precious crochet items remain shielded from the rain. This is available in a choice of fabric patterns and colours to suit you and your style

Scissors and cutting ring

Scissors are an essential component of any crochet kit. Within the kit, I have provided you with scissors and a cutting ring for ease of use (only available in the adult kit unless requested for the child’s)

Darning needles

Within the crochet kit lies a humble yet indispensable tool—the darning needle! Darning needles plays a vital role in finishing your crochet projects, ensuring every stitch is neatly finished and every yarn tail is securely fastened.

Stitch markers and row counters

These unobtrusive little helpers play a vital role for even the most experienced crocheter in ensuring you don’t lose your way as you crochet your blanket. You can attach them to corners or rows.


Tape measure

This allows you to meet your gauge and match the designers crocheting style, although for this particular pattern it is not required it may become an essential piece of kit for your future journey

Yarn bowl

As you work on your crochet project, the yarn bowl serves as a focal point, inviting you to embrace the present moment. The act of gently pulling yarn from the bowl becomes a meditative exercise, fostering mindfulness and a sense of calmness.

Posture cushion

I provide you with a posture support cushion to rest your arms on whilst crocheting, its supportive design aids in maintaining a comfortable seated posture, allowing you to focus on crocheting mindfully.

Fidget toys

Fidget toys are an unconventional addition to crochet kits but I am nothing if not unconventional! You may find that when learning this new skill you become frustrated, that’s OK, their inclusion in my kits allows you to stop and take a moment, squeeze your frustration into them and then go back to what you were doing, enriching the crafting experience by promoting relaxation and mental clarity.

Journey Journal

Having trialled this journal myself and with a focus group of people all experiencing different mental health diagnoses, I have developed the "Journey Journal".

The crochet journal is designed to capture not just your learning experience but your thoughts, inspirations, emotions and what makes you - you.  

The journal starts with pages dedicated to your crochet journey, you will be encouraged to document your feelings before and after the session, if you cannot write your feelings you can circle the dandelion which best suits you, there is also a space for detailing anything you would change for your next session

The Journey Journal will become a testament to your personal growth, your mindfulness, and your new skill.

Mindfulness Meets Crochet with the "Journey Journal"

Lets explore a bit more about why I have combined Mindfulness and Crochet:

Mindfulness is a therapeutic practice which teaches you to feel at ease being in the present moment, this allows us to slow down, to stop thinking about the million things swimming around in our heads and to fully focus on just one thing.

Creating something (crocheting the blanket) promotes a sense of accomplishment.

So, combine them: creating something mindfully encourages an overall sense of positive mental well being.

Make it fun!

Mindfulness does not have to be serious to work! You and a friend can get together and enjoy a cuppa and cake, encouraging each other to work through this wonderful skill of crochet and mindfulness.

The journal will seek to remind you that mistakes are part of the journey,  the crafting journey and in life. You do not have to go through either journey alone, I have created a Facebook page specifically for those who purchase the kit. It will be a private group and act as a source of support and encouragement, 

I believe that in each mistake we make a lesson in patience and adaptability is born.

Before crochet I would feel intense frustration with things that weren't perfect, my high expectations of myself was destroying my creativity, I started to embrace the mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow, I realised that mistakes made me human and I began to feel a sense of calm and belonging that I had never felt before, I realised that nobody expects perfection from me other than me, I had to let that go and I had to grow, imperfections give us a chance to grow and change, and I like that.

The children who may require more support with the pattern I am including my email address for the children’s responsible adults to use to contact me with any queries. The children will not be able to join the group as I am following Social Media guidance on age restrictions.

The pattern

The pattern is aimed at complete beginners, I explain what the labels on the yarn packaging mean, the different items in your kit and what they do, the anatomy of the hook and how to hold your hook and yarn.

I will explain the different stitches and how to do them, this will be shown on a graph, in picture format and in a very "wordy" write as I crochet style pattern with no abbreviations in the lengthy pattern. 

The abbreviations used by crocheters will be added at the end of every section so that you start to learn what this looks like in formal pattern format.

Making the waterproof bags:

I hand make the waterproof storage drawstring storage bags, the material used will be cotton outer and a thick waterproof lining, it is drawstring so can be closed tightly and will come in an assortment of patterns and colour choices.