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About The Declutter Hub

Hi, we're Lesley and Ingrid,

We have over 20 years experience in the decluttering, organising and housekeeping world between us and we want to bring that expertise straight to you. If you're sick to the back teeth of clutter dictating your home life then we are here to help you get control back and spend your valuable time doing the things you want and not shuffling piles of stuff around 24/7.

We love the fact that we have been decluttering and organising homes in the UK for years and have helped more than a thousand happy clients to regain the home of their dreams. We have a passion for people, practicality, and piles of paper and love nothing better than to carve out solutions for anyone overwhelmed with clutter. If that's you, you're in the right place.

Now we want to share our passion and expertise far and wide so we are delving into the online world. While we've pretty much seen it all in the decluttering world, technology is a whole different ballgame so we are delighted you are along for the ride. Let's tackle your clutter together! Go to our membership for more information on how to learn how to declutter your home.