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About Iveta Goddard Ceramics

Iveta Goddard is a ceramicist who lives and works in West Sussex UK where, in her studio, she makes a wide range of ceramics for home and the garden, both decorative and practical.

Iveta already was interested in art as a child and her work was exhibited at several exhibitions at her home country from a young age. After graduating with Honours in Ceramic Design and Technology in the Czech Republic, she was given the opportunity to work for a TV cartoon animation Studion in Zlin. A few years later after Iveta settled in the UK, in 2004 she set up her ceramic studio in West Sussex and established her company Iveta Goddard Ceramics.

Iveta's work is mainly recognized for her distinctive, quirky clock designs. Some of her clocks appeared on a BBC2 programme 'The Great Pottery Throw Down'. Over the years her clocks have developed and changed in terms of their designs and decoration from animals and flora to more contemporary patterns. She also incorporated stamps and engraving into her work to give the pieces, dimension. Most of the stamps she makes herself from old glass buttons and lace fabric. Once fired, the bisqueware is modestly decorated with oxides and colourful glazes to emphasize the natural colour and texture of the clay.

As well as slab building pieces, Iveta loves throwing on her pottery wheel which adds to the variation of her work. For both techniques, she uses earthenware or stoneware clay depending on what the piece is intended for.

"I enjoy the whole process of creating something from an idea which can come from anywhere at any time," she explains " For example, the first clock shape idea came from an interesting stone I found in my garden."

Iveta's work has now been sold in an impressive host of galleries and private collectors both in the UK and overseas.