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Offering CFO style services to small to medium sized businesses


Flat 11, Balmoral House

About Darryl Bannon Consulting Ltd

I have over 19 years experience within the finance services sector, tech start up and within consulting. I recently left KPMG as I felt consulting shouldn't be about creating reports that no one reads, nor have the budget to implement. 

I want to proved a service to businesses that are growing and want to make sure they invest in their foundations and operations. CFO's traditional have had a strategic outlook and combining with my MBA, I can advise on a broad level of topics within business, irrespective of sector. I often feel not having experience in a industry, means I can ask the silly questions that actually can highlight issues or potential opportunity.

At the core though is my passion and goal to encourage business owner to grasp and take control over their finances and not let jargon get in the way.