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A Social Solution to the Digital Divide helping to Bridge the Digital Divide

Commerce House, Social Enterprise Centre, 59 Bridgeman Place, Bolton

About Recycle-IT

Recycle-IT is an innovative Social Enterprise (Community Interest Company) based in Bolton professionally collecting unwanted computer equipment (W.E.E.E) from around the northwest, with community inclusion, co-production and person-centred involvement at it's heart.

All equipment collected is diverted away from landfills and anything unusable is innovatively aimed back for reuse and upcycling projects like art materials for students and colleges.

Any equipment realistically reusable will be made available at little or no cost* (through referrals) for the local community to help bridge the digital divide and we are working with local digital champions, community centres and volunteers providing additional support for the community over a longer and wider term.

This helps the environment by diverting electrical waste from landfills and also the local community at large specifically those without access to a computer or the internet.

Data safety and customer satisfaction are very important to us at Recycle-IT using the latest quality-approved software and asset tracking technology, producing social value reports and Duty of Care Waste Transfer Notes effectively and electronically providing peace of mind and compliance with environment agency legislation.

Using the latest certified and approved software so all data is securely wiped and irretrievably erased delivering a certificate of data destruction at the end of each project confirming details of all items processed; serial numbers and host assets that can be provided on request

We are also developing plans for our social business to become a venue for training, workshop's volunteering and placements from various disadvantaged backgrounds and a digital cafe, as we grow.

It is a community organisation and resource so we are inviting the local community members and establishments to help co-produce and develop this Flagship Community resource as it progresses and welcome feedback, ideas and collaborations.

Please do contact us if you want to recycle your computer equipment, help the environment and benefit the community, also feel free to follow our social media channels and see the development of our amazing community enterprise.