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Creating meaningful digital art to bring peaceful clarity to your beautiful home

About Kindred Handmade

Hello! I'm Jo and I make art, lately focusing entirely on digital art.

I started making portraits at the beginning of 2021 and have had a chance to draw a few of my fellow small business owners.

I love drawing pets too, dog portraits have been a joy to make!

More recently I have launched a new product: family portraits made combining several pictures. We don't take family pics as much as we used to, and many of us might not have a single image with all of their loved ones together!

I would love to create such an image for you: just send me photos of everyone you'd like in it. 

For the future, I will be working on meaningful artworks for the house: pieces that bring clarity, help you feel centred, remind you of your worth.

Pop to my shop and find the piece that speaks to/about you!