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Multi Award winning Fine Art Dog Photographer in Gloucester, creating beautiful luxury Studio photography of your dogs. Stunning studio Pet Photography for the distinctive animal lover, styled with distinction

About The Gloucester Dog Photographer

Studio based Multi Award Winning Fine Art Dog Photographer in Gloucester

Do you find it quite difficult to capture amazing images of your dogs, images that truly capture your best friends unique personality and playful traits?

If you do - don’t worry because it’s not your fault. You need a specialist dog photographer, someone with years of training and expertise, someone who has photographed thousands of dogs - who has the correct lighting, equipment, skills and patience and know how to bring out your dogs personality and capture it perfectly so that you can treasure the memories forever.

I am that specialist dog photographer.

When you bring your dogs to the studio I’ll take the most amazing pictures you have ever had of your dogs - period! 

A bold statement I know - but here at the studio we have a phrase that you’ll hear a lot - “it’s all about the dog”. Everything we do - from the second you come into the studio to the moment you leave - is all centred around making your dog feel safe calm at ease and loved. We won’t even pick up a camera for the first 15 minutes as we take time and effort to not only get to know your dog, but to get them feeling so comfortable in the studio that they are able to be themselves and be relaxed and happy. And a relaxed and happy dog make fantastic pictures.

We don’t rush our sessions either - we are not a “conveyor belt” studio turning out customer after customer - we take a more relaxed approach - if we reach the end of your session time but we haven’t got the pictures you are wanting we will continue on if the dog is still happy to - because after all - it’s all about the dog!

Being a qualified specialist dog photographer with many years experience of photographing dogs of all shapes sizes and characteristics you can feel confident that when you bring your beloved dog to the studio you will be leaving with some of the most amazing photographs of your dog ever.

So if you would like me to create some fabulous memories of your dog to treasure forever why not click the “Book Now” button below and schedule a session with us because remember - “it’s all about the dog”