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Hi, I'm Sara and I am Queen of Dog Toys!  I run The Bark Side, where our family dog, Brutus, is the face, voice, chief tester and general boss of The Bark Side.  That's him in the photo.  Brutus tests everything we stock; if he destroys it, we don't stock it.  When he was about 10 weeks old, we gave him a "puppy bone" and he all but destroyed it in a little over 5 minutes.  Naturally that bone didn't receive an Approved by Brutus stamp and we don't stock the item.  People are sick of spending money on toys their dogs will destroy in minutes, and they quite rightly expect better.  The Bark Side is about delivering quality, enjoyment and peace of mind.
We have some eco friendly ranges - toys, collars and leads made from recycled plastic bottles, plus some other toys made from rice husk (a waste product from the rice-harvesting process) and natural rubber - and some guaranteed ranges of toys, collars, and leads.  If you can make a small change that benefits the environment, why wouldn't you?  And the guaranteed products are exactly that - if your dog manages to damage or destroy the item, send us a photo of the damage (we appreciate a shameful-looking dog in the photo too, but it's not essential) and tell us whether you'd prefer a refund or replacement.  It's that simple!  We want to do the right thing and we treat our customers the way we want to be treated.
Come over to The Bark Side, where quality doesn't cost the Earth!