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The beaches on the North East coastline are often desolate and remote so there is plenty of wood that has been wave rolled, shaped and smoothed by the sea into unique shapes. I add other 'found' and recycled articles and I always add a BEAD to all my work as a trademark for Beady Magpie. You can work the 'MAGPIE' bit out for yourself.

Then comes my creative bit.... I join shapes together with nails, screws, paint them and add ceramic fish & birds sometimes that I have shaped then fired which makes the driftwood quite different from when it was retrieved.

Working together with nature in this way is pleasing to me. I make quayside, cottage and harbour scenes that are scaled to suit the driftwood.

The driftwood has been washed and treated, then dried for months prior to use. These are not toys! There WILL be splinters, spells, sharp corners and they are REAL nails. I do NOT accept any responsibility for injuries of persons who buy them, I have my own cuts, bruises and broken fingernails sustained whilst I was making them!

The colours that I use are good quality, high pigment, opaque paint made in the US for use with bisque, ceramic, wood etc and it is NON-TOXIC. Your piece is not varnished so may absorb condensation if placed in a bathroom, so it’s not recommended.

None of the individual pieces can EVER be repeated so not one will EVER be the same as another. Use a dry bristle brush to clean, do not spray