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About Gorilla Drones Ltd

Gorilla Drones LTD was established to provide companies exceptional professional services centered around Aerial Photography and Video/Filming services utilising unmanned aircraft (drone systems); we now also offer additional ground based and specialist imagery collection and processing services too, from explosives technical review to how healthy a farmers crop is.

Using our experienced and skilled crew, as well as post-capture processing, we provide our clients with incredible photos and film for their social media and marketing requirements, ensuring it fits within their brand and brief; or clear and accurate imagery data sets or project progression reporting for their construction projects amongst others.


It is illegal to fly a drone within towns and cities, so if you have a project that needs aerial imagery collection and processing, get the experts in that are qualified and hold the correct liability insurance (google and check CAP1361B for current CAA approved commercial operators with permission to use drones commercially.)


Any questions, please go get in touch by either calling, emailing in or chatting live on our website where we can give advice and set up an initial discovery session with you to discuss any requirements you may have.


Thanks and look forward to chatting to you soon!