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Educate, Prevent and Raise Awareness

About What's The Debate?

What's The Debate? has been created by myself, Beckie, in the hope to tackle important and sensitive safeguarding issues for children and young people like domestic abuse, child sexual exploitation and mental health.

I have been working with children and young people for 15 years, specialising in sexual trauma and domestic abuse, and have now used my experiences and most importantly passion to set up "What's The Debate?"

What's The Debate? moto is "Educate, Prevent and Raise Awareness". This is done by designing and producing educational resources that can be used alongside PSHE and SRE education in schools but they can also be used by social workers, youth workers and counsellors, in fact, any professional working with young people. The "What's The Debate?" Cards are categorised under 6 subjects; Domestic Abuse, CSE, Relationships, Sex, Mental Health and Risk. Each subject has 25 Statement Debate Cards and 4 lesson plans, each lesson is designed to be active, fun and engaging, but also challenging, encouraging questions and healthy open debate.

I am also passionate about educating and empowering others to raise awareness and be equipped to tackle these issues, so "What's The Debate?" also offers training and workshops not only to professionals but also to parents/carers and young people.