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Contemporary Enamel jewellery

About MaisyPlum

The art of enamelling has been around since 1300 BC, its popularity not surprising given the bold, compelling colours and striking, intricate jewellery that can be created.

Luckily for me, crafting techniques are not quite so ancient. Rather than hunching over bellow powered log fires and designing by candlelight, I can work in peace from the calm tranquillity of my home studio – a peace often broken by playful children and excited hounds.

My name is Jo Pearce. I’ve been working with enamel for over 5 years.

Completely self-taught, I love combining my own enjoyment of trends and fashion with the elegant, timeless appeal of enamelled silver and copper jewellery. And yes, I do work solely with silver and copper as well, but I tend to find most pieces just call out for a little colour.

Each piece is created solely from my own designs. I use both kiln and torch fire, the different heats and precision of movements allowing for more variety in the effects. Different techniques achieve the array of colour and stunning sheen that is characteristic of enamel, from glistening greens to vivacious blues, stunning reds and glorious yellows.