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Organic Palm Oil Free Soap



About Rosemarie Cantrill

Hi I’m Rosie and I have been making organic palm oil free soap since January 2015. I discovered the wonderful oils and butters that can be used to make soap and cosmetics. My soaps are free from Palm oil and all synthetic ingredients. I only use natural unrefined ingredients in my products for their gorgeous cleansing and moisturising properties.

Ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, sunflower and jojoba oil to name a few. For colour and texture I add ingredients like oats, cocoa powder, coffee grounds, carrot puree, cleansing clays and pure organic essential oils.

I have a Diploma in Organic Skin Care and I will be adding beautiful new products to my range soon. Look out for nourishing face and body butters, hand and nail oils, smoothing hair oils and gorgeous facial oils.I live in Shropshire with my husband and two dogs. I converted my summer house into a workshop overlooking my field where I can watch my beautiful 22 year old horse Felix graze peacefully with his mates, two Angora goats Dean and Frank and two Jacob sheep Arthur and Brendan. I am passionate about producing cosmetics for the market which pamper our delicate skin whilst protecting our precious environment.