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Etched Glass and Glass Artworks

About Create-England

I have a passion for creating beautiful etched glass artworks. All artworks are my own design, etched by hand onto glass, then colour is added to make the image stand out. I work from photographs, taken by myself, and use small etching tools to get detail into the image. I then use acrylic paints to add colour.

When I am not doing my unique artworks, I can also etch small business logo's onto glass, or drinking glasses. I have done a few of these now, and have had return custom from a small business wanting glasses to give to their customers.

Another feather in my cap is painting glasses to make candle holders. The glasses are mainly purchased from local charity shops, and I have a deal with one local charity who save water marked glasses that they cant sell, and I use these to make individual and unique candle holders.